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Concrete Flatwork

Super Thin Pavers is the right choice for all your Concrete Flatwork needs. We provide free estimates. No project too small. We only hire experienced and professional workers to make sure your project turns out just right.

Concrete is the one material that does it all. It is versatile, durable, low maintenance and most important – will last you over 30 years. For all concrete whether the traditional gray or decorative the maintenance includes pressure washing and sealing every few years. The frequency will depend on the how high of traffic area it is to cars, water and any chemicals the concrete is exposed to.

Super Thin Pavers has been installing concrete driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, slabs, porch and steps since before 2006 and has determined the best type of concrete and installation process.

For garages and basements, walkways and driveways, patios and steps, concrete flatwork is often the installation of choice. It’s significantly less expensive than stone or brick masonry, and increasing options and expertise in finishing is allowing concrete flatwork to compete aesthetically. What you need to know about concrete flatwork is that it’s not a bland home improvement installation. It can require careful consideration, much like a countertop or floor covering. Matching the correct concrete finish and design to your project will greatly enhance the quality of the installation and your home.

Advantages of Concrete Flatwork

It is an excellent flooring material whether it is used in plain and decorative manner. You can use it in both indoors and outdoors to add prestige and value to your property. Its use as flooring material offers many advantages to homeowners. Major advantages are durability, strength and low price. You can match your driveways and walks with home’s exterior by using soft and natural palette. You can naturally blend patios and retaining walls with surroundings or contrast colors can be used. Colored and textured concrete is used to create delicate look of interior rooms.

It has been always used where strength and durability are required. It lasts longer than brick, stone and wood work. It also needs less maintenance. It absorbs very minimal amount of water this will not let it wrap in humid climate.

It also has the ability to slow down the absorption of heat through wall. Due to this fact with same insulation house will remain cool in summer and warm in winter. Smaller air conditioning and heating units can full fill the air conditioning needs.

It is classified as non combustible material and has very slow heat transfer. This has made it a good barrier for fire spread. But in case if concrete home catches fire the damage is not so much severe and can easily be repaired.
It is natural building material. Natural materials are preferably used every where. It is made up of commonly found minerals. The area of land used to extract minerals required to make concrete is only a fraction of area used for timber logging.

It can be recycled with out any loss in strength and performance. Micro topping and polishing are the techniques that recycle dull gray concrete artisans to beautiful floor without reproducing new slabs.

It supports healthy indoor atmosphere due to its inert nature. It does not need any volatile organic preservative as wood require. It is water proof and fire resistant that’s why it does not need any additional coatings and sealers. Cleaning is also very easy you can clean with organic, non-toxic substances that include simple house hold soap and water.

It is very eco friendly does not release toxins in to your atmosphere. It is completely natural and it does not emit tar based residues in ground.