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Super Thin Pavers are used for overlaying existing surfaces without the additional expense and inconvenience of removing the old surface. Interlocking thin pavers resist the cracking that is inherent in concrete and acrylic surfaces. We Go Over Concrete as easy as you can blink WOW.

Can we use Super Thin Pavers on our driveway?

Absolutely! Our Dura-Thin Product is recommended for most residential driveways and is a great value alternative to traditional thick pavers. However, each project is unique and your authorized Super Installer will make the determination if your driveway is conducive to a thin paver application. Driveways that are subject to commercial grade vehicular traffic (delivery trucks, motor homes, etc.) are not candidates for thin pavers.

What does the Super Warranty cover?

Our 20 year warranty covers structural defects on pavers used for pool decks, patios and walkways. We also offer a 10 year warranty for our Dura-Thin thin pavers on driveway applications. All warranties apply exclusively to replacement pavers. Labor costs are not included: More warranty info

How do we maintain our pavers after they have been installed?

One of the many benefits of Super Thin Pavers is the ease of maintenance. A simple garden hose and scrub brush will handle most clean-ups. Excessive pressure washing is not recommended. Tougher stains may require a diluted solution of muriatic acid and water applied with a light brush.

Should I seal my Super Thin Pavers?

Sealing will create a darker and vibrant look for your pavers, but it is optional for pool deck, patio and walkway applications. We recommend waiting 3-4 weeks following installation to seal your pavers. This will allow moisture to evaporate from the pavers and ensures an effective application of the sealant. Driveways should be sealed with an acrylic-solvent based product and treated immediately after installation to reduce potential staining from motor vehicles.

Can I choose from colors and styles a side from those in the Thin Pavers brochure and website?

We pride ourselves in producing custom colors to meet the distinctive tastes of our customers. The colors and products featured in our brochure and on our website are our most popular and readily available. Custom colors and shapes are subject to higher price points and longer waiting periods in our production process.

What about my pavers and heat retention?

During hotter periods of the year, some of our darker colored pavers can be sensitive to the touch. We do produce a wide area of colors that are perfect for installations on surfaces that receive sustained periods of high intensity exposure to the sun. All our pavers and coping are produced exclusively with white cement. While white cement is typically priced higher than gray cement, gray cement pavers retain heat to a much greater extent than white cement pavers. For this reason, customers are encouraged to ask their installer for white cement products.

How long will it take to get my Super Thin Pavers installed?

Immediately. We have everything in stock at our warehouse. There is a 2-3 week wait for specialty products.

Where can I look at samples or who should I contact for a free estimate?

Please visit our Contact page to locate the most convenient location for you.