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Green Shield Pavers

\"\"Available Exclusively from Super Thin Pavers and Coping!

“Go Green” with Super Thin Pavers newest addition to the THINDEX® product line! Patent pending technology features a unique blend of additives that are introduced during the production process. This exclusive formula reduces mold, mildew and staining that are common with concrete products.

Green Shield™ eliminates the need to apply costly toxic sealers at the conclusion of your installation.


Consider these advantages of the Green Shield™ product line:

  • Keep your family, pets, and household free of airborne toxins associated with traditional sealers which are applied with sprayers and rollers!
  • Eliminate potential chemical runoff into your gardens, pool or living spaces
  • Protection encapsules the entire paver or coping piece. Traditional sealers applied topically, cover only the exposed surfaces. Green Shield™ products feature protection throughout the entire paver or coping piece.
  • Save money by avoiding the cost of sealing and cleaning upon application – a savings of up to $700 on a 1000 square foot project!
  • Long lasting protection to your paver project reducing the need for constant maintenance.*
  • Enjoy your new paver project immediately without having to wait for optimum weather conditions to seal your pavers and coping.

* Green Shield™ pavers and coping provide protection for the life of the materials. Climate conditions and other variables may necessitate the need for periodic topical maintenance common with all concrete items. Petroleum products, tire residue and staining from foliage are occurrences that will be mitigated, but not completely eliminated by Green Shield™ or topical sealers.