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STP warranty covers structural defects on pavers and coping used for pool decks, patios and walkways for a period of twenty (20) years. The warranty is on the structural integrity of the pavers and not the installation. Colors may fade due to weather conditions. The warranty applies exclusively to replacement pavers. STP obligation is limited to supply material to replace the defective material at no charge. Installation and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

This warranty does not cover improper installation, the use of incorrect setting materials, damage caused by abuse, incorrect sealing techniques or pressure washing. Efflorescence is also not covered by this warranty.

Ten (10) Year Limited Warranty For Driveway Applications

Driveway applications are warranted for structural defects for a period of ten (10) years for Dura-Thin, Boca and 4×8 pavers. All other shapes of super thin pavers are not warranted on driveway applications.

Warranty Term

Upon payment in full for all materials furnished to which this warranty applies, STP Super Thin Pavers and Coping (hereinafter “STP”) hereby warrants its materials for a period of ten (10) years from the date of substantial completion of the installation of the materials covered under this warranty, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set forth herein.

Scope of Warranty Coverage

This limited warranty pertains only to the structural integrity of the materials and not the installation. In the event that STP determines, in its sole discretion, that the materials are defective, after written notice within the warranty period and sufficient opportunity to inspect the conditions, STP will replace, at its cost, any and all such defective materials.STP obligation is limited to the supply of replacement materials and does not cover any installation or removal costs. This warranty is limited to the original owner for whom the materials have been purchased, whether directly from STP or through an installation contractor. This warranty is NOT transferable to subsequent purchasers. Proof of payment and the presentation of the warranty to STP are conditions necessary to effect this warranty. The building owner, or its authorized representative, is required to deliver written notice to STP within thirty (30) days of discovering a defect.

Warranty Exclusions

This limited warranty does not cover failure and/or defects caused, in whole or in part, by (a) abnormal traffic over driveway beyond normal residential use; (b) heavy equipment or trucks causing damage including RVs, delivery vehicles and other large recreational or commercial vehicles; (c) color variations in that materials are supplied from several pallets and consistency cannot be guaranteed; (d) color fading from weather conditions; (e) fire, hail, hurricane force winds, and/or vandalism; (f) installation defects including improper surface preparation, improper application improper sealing, use of incorrect setting materials, sealing techniques or pressure washing; and/or (h) abuse or negligence of the product or driveway.

STP reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether any of the foregoing exclusions apply. In addition to the foregoing, no warranty exists where any conditions are the result of efflorescence. Please click on the “efflorescence” link above for a full description of the cause of efflorescence and removal.

No Other Warranties

This express warranty is in lieu of any and all other expressed or implied warranties including, but not limited to, any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. STP specifically disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages. Some States Do Not Allow The Exclusion Or Limitation Of Incidental Or Consequential Damages, So The Above Limitation Or Exclusion May Not Apply To You. This Warranty Gives You Specific Legal Rights, And You May Also Have Other Rights Which Vary From State To State.